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Harmonizing multi-scale spatiotemporal environment and health data in climate change hotspots


HARMONIZE collates existing multi-source climate, environmental, socioeconomic and health data, and collects new longitudinal data using drone technology and low-cost weather sensors, to calibrate and downscale Earth Observation, climate reanalysis and seasonal forecast datasets in areas most relevant for disease transmission.


March 18, 2024

HARMONIZE at the E-Vigilância conference in Brazil

HARMONIZE project members attended the E-Vigilância 2023 conference, held in December 2023 at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

February 6, 2024

Expedição HARMONIZE Brazil 2023

The Brazilian team conducted the second expedition to the Baixo Tocantins hotspot, in Pará, Amazônia

November 13, 2023

HARMONIZE members visit the European Space Agency

HARMONIZE aims to bridge the gap between satellite imagery and actionable insights for decision-makers in the public health sector. To contribute to this, Prof Rachel Lowe and Dr Bruno Carvalho from the BSC visited Φ-lab at the European Space Agency.

HARMONIZE toolkits

The HARMONIZE digital toolkits will allow local researchers and practitioners to link, analyze and use spatiotemporal datasets, including health, climate, socioeconomic and environmental data at multiple scales. These data and tools can help better understand the links between environmental change and infectious disease risk in their local context, and to build robust early warning and response systems in vulnerable settings.

Contact us

For more information about the project or how you could get involved, please contact us.